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Frequently Asked Qustions

How much time in advance can we place an order?

* We suggest ASAP, once you start planning your event, contact us! The sooner the better! Our calendar is on a 3 to 4week lead time for orders. We work on a first-paid basis for all orders. By requesting a quote DOES NOT put you on our calendar.


Do you require a deposit?

* Yes. A 50% non-refundable retainer is required to secure your order, to be placed on our calendar. Orders placed the week of, require FULL payment, and are subject to a 25% rush fee.

What size cake do you offer?

* We offer cake sizes 7 to 16.

What is your minimum serving size for cake?

*Our minimum serving size for cakes is 20.

Do you have a starting order price for cakes?

* Yes, Our starting price for cakes is $150. Prices may go up, based on the serving size, and complexity of the cake design.

What is your minimum serving size for treats?

* Minimum serving size for treats is a dozen. unless otherwise stated.

What cake flavors do you offer?

* click on the link to see all that we offer

Do you offer tastings?

* We currently offer to-go tasting boxes for only Wedding cakes at this time. They are $55 for 2 guests, and a choice of 4 flavors.

Do you offer bundles of treats & Cakes?

* No. All orders are custom-made and priced accordingly due to the design of your item.

Can I pick up my order?

* Yes. Arrangements can be made at the time of finalizing your order. Please keep in mind that once you pick up your order, we are not responsible for any mishaps while YOU transport the cake. We make sure our cakes are stable for transport.

Do you offer Delivery?

*Yes, We offer delivery for cakes that are at least 3 tiers tall. Delivery starts at $50 within a 10-mile radius of our location in Plantation, FL. Any address outside of that 10-mile radius is subject to $2.00 per mile one way.

We do not set up or decorate the table the cake will be displayed on.

Are you licensed and insured?

* Yes. We are a cottage food-based online bakery and insured.

How do I request a quote for my order?

* Click on the link to request a quote..

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